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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, he finished all the scout requirements but one bay area teen has been turned away because of his sexual orientati orientation. >> if you're gay, there's a problem. a local teenager is being turned away by one of the most well known clubs in america -- the boy scouts. he was on the verge of becoming an eagle scout but his sexual orientation and politics have
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blocked his dream. cheryl hurd has the details. >> reporter: that's right. this subject is very controversial. i talked to one young man tonight and he is an eagle scout and he says because of the subject, he's very disappointed. >> i can't imagine what he must be going through. >> reporter: he says he knows what it takes to be an eagle scout. he says he achieved that honor several years ago and he says finding out that ryan was denied the award because he's gay is a travesty. >> the tradition in boy scouts, even though i'm an atheist, it wasn't a problem for me. so the boy scouts need to conform. >> reporter: late thursday, the boy scouts released a statement saying -- >> reporter: his mother fought back through an organization
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called she started a petition, which now has over 112,000 supporters. she wrote a letter saying her son was denied eagle scout status because he came out to his friends and family as gay. this comes after he just completed his final boy scout project, a tolerance wall promoting a bully free campus at his former middle school. >> for me personally, i didn't see this controversy coming. >> reporter: are you disappointed he was denied his eagle scout status? >> very surprised. >> reporter: the executive director for the national center of lesbian rights says she's not surprised. she says by law the boy scouts of america has the right to deny him due to his sexual orientation because it's a private institution. but -- >> it is wrong to say that someone who is honorable, who did everything that was required to be an eagle scout, that is
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withheld in him simply because of his sexual orientation. they're on the wrong side of history. >> reporter: and drason will turn 18 next week. his parents will appeal the decision. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. new tonight at 11:00, a contra costa man has died of rabies, the result of a bat bite. it's the first rabies death in the county in 20 years. the 34-year-old man was bitten back in march but wasn't admitted to a hospital until july in dubai where he was working abroad. he died on july 31 while hospitalized in switzerland. officials are notifying dozens of people who may have had contact with him between march and july while he was in the infectious stage. rabies can be spread from person to person, and once those symptoms appear, the disease is
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almost always fatal. it's a bizarre case. the mother accused of ditching her 10-year-old daughter during a shoplifting attempt is back in the south bay. this is new video of 38-year-old marcie keelen walking into the main jail. she was arrested last week near reno. police say she drove away from a safeway two weeks ago, leaving her daughter with a cart load of groceries that were not paid for. a week later, she was found in nevada with her 11-month-old son and a man. both children are now in protective custody. she'll be charged with burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. something has to change. that's the stance from civil rights attorneys asking for the feds to take over the oakland police department. that move follows a series of scathing reports and a police corruption case nearly a decade old.
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a request was filed that a federal judge appoint an independent receiver to take over a portion of the opd. two new reports criticizes the department's handling of officer involved shootings. >> we're saying you should. use force when it's not reasonable to do so or stopping people on the damn street because they're black when they haven't done anything else. >> oakland's police chief says the department is making progress on implements the forms, but the mayor will fight to keep the department under the chief's control. >> this was the ceremony for the archbishop at st. mary's cathedral. he was previously the bishop in oakland.
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2,000 people were onhand, including officials from the vatican. out side the church, supporters were joined by gay rights activists protesting his outspoken stance against same-sex marriage. >> it's bad they're going to put him here in san francisco, where so many gay families live. my family is no different than any other family. the fact that i am gay means nothing. >> most of the arch diocese of 500,000 people, about 65% of them, are ethnic working class people. their big issue is not gay marriage. >> the installation comes three days after he pleaded guilty to reckless driving in a san diego driving. officials say the reduced charge is common for first time offenders. he will head the catholic church in san francisco and san mateo
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counties. lit be crazy, chaotic and sensational. san francisco is bracing for one of the busiest three days on record. hundreds of thousands are expected to pour into the city for a cornucopia of fun. fleet week and the america's cup by the water. hardly strictly blue grass in golden gate park. a slew of fairs and the games for the 49ers and the giants? jean elle is live in san francisco. >> reporter: people from all over the bay area come here for fleet week. it's a huge draw and tonight, the "uss macon island" is already docked here. hundreds of thousands are expected here in san francisco. it's safe to say you should expect delays all over san francisco this weekend. thousands of people from near and far are rolling in.
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for everything, from the blue angels to the america's cup. out of up towners will be able hop in a taxi. >> i usually stay right here, but it's sold out i understand. >> reporter: hotel operators are feeling lucky. >> yeah, it's been very, very good. >> reporter: they booked up solid for this weekend two months ago. >> things are slowly picking up and certainly in san francisco things have really taken a very uptick. >> reporter: a weekend that includes multiple events that will attract thousands of people is more than an uptick. it's a crush. this traveler says you can't even get into a hostel. >> i want to book a hotel or hostel in downtown san francisco and enjoy my weekend. they're all saying oh, no, it's the america's cup. >> reporter: she spent the day watching the america's cup but
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is shifting gears tomorrow. >> i hear there's a blue grass festival, so going to check that out. >> reporter: hundreds of thousand also join her. getting around will be tough. if you drive, plan to spend lots of time looking at brake lights. nancy rode her bike into san francisco. >> i didn't have to get caught in traffic. >> reporter: but this local lady won't be back this weekend. >> i'm going to go up to the bay. >> reporter: some will be avoiding the crowds. there will be lots of traffic on land and out on the water, too. military ships, sailboats and spectator boats. all of those boat captains are being warned to be on the lookout for humpback whales that are hanging out. reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> whales don't want to miss the action, either. our live coverage of the big weekend doesn't stop. go to or follow us on facebook or twitter. starting tomorrow at 4:30 a.m.,
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we'll be live at the rider's cup. good evening. i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking this big bay area weekend. several events happening from america's cup, the san francisco giants and fleet week. we have cold weather across the bay. we're tracking your full forecast coming up. also, is it hate speech or freedom of expression? a little girl with a rare condition sparking a big debate about online bullying. also coming up, an emotional reunion in the south bay after burglars steel a family's puppy. but it's back. it's only the second sighting ever in the lower 48 states. the rare bird creating plenty of buzz near the bay area.
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it will take your breath away and not in a good way. $5 gas has arrived in the bay area. tonight, rising, surging gas prices. bad news for drivers who feel shaken down at the pump. prices jumped overnight 20 cents across the state. the state average hit $4.31 today. george kiriyama is live. it's going to cost you more than $5 a gallon to fill up? >> reporter: that's right. we are here where it's more than $5 a gallon. take a look at this 76 gas
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station. $5.13 for premium. but you know what? we found one place in cupertino that was higher. this is for real. this 76 gas station on stevens creek boulevard is charging $5.39 for regular. and get ready for this, $5.59 for premium. >> i got nothing. >> reporter: tim wen was the only one to fill up for here. you're paying $5. 49 a gallon. >> it's unfortunate. i didn't plan well, i'm low on gas and i need to get home. >> reporter: prices were rising by the hour. we're paying 30 cents more than we did this morning. >> i haven't got gas in about a week or so. so i was pretty shocked. it's crazy. >> reporter: one of the main reasons we're paying more at the pump, chevron's refinery is producing less gasoline after a
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fire. some gas stations are running out of fuel because the prices are preventing them from buying more. this costco station in southern california ran out of gas on thursday and customers were directed to another costco in a nearby town. the days of the full tank may be over for some. they can't afford it. >> i've got enough to get home. >> reporter: jessica yang, shopping for bargain brands and considering car pooling to work. >> with the gas prices rising and my income level staying the same, it's very difficult to be able to afford gas and other things and rent, things like that. >> reporter: and you can see despite the high price of gasoline, people are pumping up right now as we speak. one analyst said expect prices
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to continue rising for a little while. maybe $6 a gallon? i hope not. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, george. there's a good chance it impacts you or someone you know. an estimated 30% of children in the united states have been bullied or have bullied someone else. >> it's an epidemic growing. but there's one 5-year-old girl, born with a fatal condition, who has become a target. now her family and total strangers across the country are asking who is responsible for these attack pages? >> stephanie troung joins us. >> reporter: when i read the horrible comments and saw the photos posted, turns out the term public figure can make all the difference on facebook. now people are calling for facebook to take some action. she's like any other 5-year-old girl.
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she loves to play dressup. well, a crowd of nearly 5 million people, that's how many have looked her facebook page created earlier this year. three months after she was born in texas, doctors diagnosed her with progeria, a terminal condition that speeds up ageing in children. but just as fast as the support spread, so did the cyber bullying. thousands of people on dozens of facebook pages dedicated solely to making fun of her. >> first i was very angry, really upset and i didn't understand what is wrong with these people? >> across the board, everyone was outraged. >> reporter: 33-year-old jacqueline was so outraged she decided to take action, even though she lives in maine. >> there are people who putting
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sexual captions on pictures of a 5-year-old. that is allowed. they are actually saying things about wanting her to die, wanting to hurt her, wanting to deface her. hundreds of people have been reporting these on facebook. maybe 1 out of 50 photos gets removed. >> reporter: a facebook spokesperson said the company must protect freedom of expression for 1 billion users and categorizes these pages as controversial humor. it all falls under the standards. medical condition is one of the factors considered off-limits. but it's under harassment and bullying that we find the answer for her. >> reporter: because she falls under people of public interest with a public figure facebook page, it's even more off limits
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for facebook control. >> this isn't just jokes that make fun of people with progeria. they're saying things along the line of, let's burn her. >> reporter: she says the hate pages are run by teenagers. >> they're posting their own photos. >> reporter: one page was tracked down to a high school in texas. >> it is dangerous. it is bullying. >> reporter: the district director of student services says administrators never got her messages. reyes says this is a conversation happening on campuses everywhere. what power do school districts have in intervening on cyber bullying? >> i'll turn blue with saying
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that. educate. educate your kids. >> reporter: for this mom, every ounce of energy has to go through taking care of adelia. she has become an inspiration for countless people around the world and for her own mom. >> people's words do not matter to me. my kids matter. they make me happy. >> reporter: we tried to get someone from facebook to talk on camera, but a spokesperson said concerns for privacy of the employees, no one could talk on camera. for a direct link, go to our website, and search signer bullying. >> people making fun of that little girl should be ashamed of themselves. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri to take it over.
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we have a lot of people making a lot of plans. >> some cooling coming our way. down to 75. santa rosa from 102 to 68. plenty of 50s on the weather board from santa rosa down to san jose. even finding some mid 50s here in cupertino. two to three days ago, we had temperatures in the 70s and still in the 80s down in the south bay. we had this on shore wind 5 to 10 miles per hour and that is good enough for fog for tonight. let's go outside. what you can see here in san francisco is a low cloud cover building up. that is going to produce low cloud cover as we head throughout this morning. over the next two to three days, no beach weather. all that hot summer weather, just a weather tease, if you will. coastal breeze, fog, definitely keep your jacket handy. not only in san francisco, but for a lot of the bay.
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in the north bay, east bay and the south bay. we're going to start off tomorrow morning with one of the cloudiest mornings we've had about 6 to 7 days with widespread cloud cover and fog, back into alameda county, down into santa clara. we have filtered sunshine and right up against the coastline, tough to find any sun. so no beach day as we head throughout friday. 48 in santa rosa to start. 53 in redwood city. 54 in the almond valley. friday, temperatures will be in the low 70s in san rafael. oakland at 74. we talked about the events happening in the bay area on this big weekend. fleet week, america's cup, giants just a few of them. friday, saturday and sunday start with the fog, temperatures in the 50s. by the afternoon hours, we'll be lucky if we get to 70 degrees in san francisco.
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temperatures staying in the low 70s. by monday and tuesday, here's the good news. we keep that chance of showers in the forecast. so our first fall rain is still on track. i am so excited about that. >> thank you, jeff. just ahead, that rare bird and our baseball playoff coverage. stay with us. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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[ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant it was a happy reunion in san jose as a 10-year-old girl was reunited with her puppy stolen two days ago from her own home. >> thank you to everybody. who made this happen. >> miko is her puppy. tears of joy. it took a village to return the puppy from the city councilman, to the police and firefighters who posted the reward money. the yorky mix was taken during a homeburgly on monday in san jose. he was found in a parking lot by
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a shopper who recognized him from tv reports. the giants and a's gear up for their first playoff game. sports is next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant.
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keep a pinch-runer? a third catcher. the reds present a big challenge, great pitching with a potent offense. but one thing he did decide on is game two starter. >> bumgarner is going the second game. that's where we're going to leave it at right now. so game one and game two. we'll announce the rest of the rotation a little later. obviously we want to talk to the guys. and really that's where we're at right now. so we're set for game one and game two. >> every day we go out there, our pitching is big reason why we won the n.l. west. so we're all excited for mattie and i'm sure he's happy. >> i just can't make mistakes. even if you make your pitch, there's a chance they're going to put the barrel on it, too. so you got to try to keep them off balance. just got to be on your game.
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>> a's fans still reveling in their team's incredible run this season. especially this week. oakland becoming the first team ever to win a division after trailing by five or more with nine to go. now they go to detroit to begin the alds. casey pratt sets the scene. >> winning the west was huge for the a's. not just because they don't have to deal with the wild card playoff game but got a couple days off, as well. grant balfour went five in a row. these guys, the three headed monster in the bull pen have been worn up. but they're very dangerous. you watch the a's play. all they want to do is go to the sixth inning. because 7, 8 and 9 are going to be cook, doolittle and balfour. >> so baseball teams dreaming of a world series and the sailing elite for round two of the america's cup world series.
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oracle team usa finished in third. one more quick note, the nhl lockout has regular season casualties. the league canceling the first two weeks of the season. for the sharks, that equates to five games. more news right after this.
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usually the closest we californians get to seeing a coo coo bird is in a vip taj clock. but the sighting of one in watsonville prompted a migration of birdwatchers to the county, armed with binoculars hoping to get a glimpse of the wayward bird. it's prornlting city officials to keep the park open seven days a week instead of just two. it's not clear how it got here. he's just the second coo-coo to visit the u.s. he should be traveling to his winter home, africa. so he's apparently a little
11:32 pm
coo-coo himself. >> maybe he flew out of someone's clock. >> now you're sounding desperate. >> tomorrow morning, what's going to happen? >> clouds. i wish we could give you clear weather. fog friday, saturday and sunday morning and temperatures stay cool in san francisco in the 60s. >> bye-bye. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from the new movie "argo," ben affleck. oscar winner octavia spencer. and the music of neon trees.


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